CNC milling machine

Last documented status


First planning a 3d model. The goal is to build a small and „cheap“ milling machine for general purpose.
The material which I want to mill will be plastic like polycarbonat, wood and thin metal plates like aluminium.
Another aspect is to have the possibility to mill copper plated pcb’s for prototyping.

Technical specification

Working area:
y-axe: 650 mm
x-axe: 450 mm
z-axe: 125 mm

Used mechanical components:
For the y- and x-axe I used profile rails HGR20 and blocks from type HRC20-FN-V0

portal cheeks:
323 mm x 392 mm x 20 mm

Drag chain:
L – length of calculated drag chain
V – length of trace

L = V/2+pi*R


mounting plate y-axes (ball screw)

Sneak peek of the used components:
Y-spindle 800 mm long
X-, Y- linear rails (4xHRC20-FN-V0)
cable chain
all bearings

Resolution of my configuration with 1605 ballscrew and 1/8 microstepping:
360°/1.8° * Microstepping * 1/screw pitch = 360°/1.8° * 8 * 1/5 mm = 320 steps/mm
This gives me a resolution of 1/320 mm. About 0.003125 mm per step.

With 1/16 microstepping I getting a double in resolution but the motor looses torque.

Stepper Motor Driver

Three Leadshine DM542EU (original no clone!)

Max. possible driving speed with these stepper motor driver with an maximum frequency of 200 kHz results to:

0.003125 mm * 200,000 * 1/s = 625 mm/s = 37500 mm/min = 37.5 m/min

Max. speed of 38 m/min

3D printed components

Cover for NEMA 23 motor with GX16 connector

Usefull Links:

3d models of all screws
lowering of cylinderhead srew